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How to Fix a Loose Tap Screw

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What do you do if the same tap screw keeps coming loose or has fallen out? Following these few easy steps should keep you tappin’ worry free!

  • The secret is good old Elmer’s glue – or any brand of white-all purpose glue.  If you already have some, wood filler glue is fine as well.  Do not use any sort of “super” glue as it can become brittle when it dries and does not hold up to the tapping as well.
  • Squeeze the glue into the hole, going just above the point where the shoe meets the tap.  Do not fill the hole to the top of the tap.
  • It’s important to be patient and let the glue set – for white-all purpose glue that usually means at least 10 minutes.  The best way to test is with your finger.  The glue should still move a little when you push on it, but should feel only slightly sticky to the touch.
  • Now you can use the screw to attach the tap back on to the shoe.  Using medium pressure, tighten only to the point where you feel the screw stop.  Do not push into the shoe and try to tighten as hard as you can.  That could push too much of the glue out of the hole and you’ll be right back where you started!
  • Wait another 10 minutes or so before tapping in the shoe.

Check out our blog “How to Fix A Loose Tap” to make sure you are not stripping the holes that hold in your tap screws by tightening more than is necessary – or by overtightening.  Happy tapping!

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This article was written by pmccormack