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Get’n Cold Outside

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Think in Layers!

Maintain That Perfect Core Temperature

As the cold months approach, think layers. Layering is a great way to stretch your dollar and create a new look for dance class. Remember to check your dance studio’s dress code before purchasing Think in Layers accessories such as dance sweaters, dance pants and tops. Here are a few ideas on how to layer.

Dance Sweaters: If you have a short–sleeve or cap–sleeve leotard, add a dance sweater for warmth. You can choose from different styles, colors and fabrics. Choose a sweater that you can easily remove if you or your dancer tends to get hot during class.

Dance Shorts: Dance shorts are a great way for dancers to express their individual style. They can be worn over leotards and tights adding a new look to an already existing outfit. Dance shorts come in different styles, fabrics and colors. You can choose from cotton, spandex, nylon and tactel. Choose a short that gives you full coverage by making sure the shorts are long enough to cover your seat.

Leg Warmers: Leg warmers can be worn over dance tights, tight- fitting dance pants or below capri dance pants. They help keep the dancer’s legs warm and they can easily be removed if the dancer gets hot. Leg warmers are a great way to add a splash of color to your dance outfit. Legwarmers come in traditional colors such as pink, black and light blue. For you funky divas, you can choose from wilder colors and patterns such as hot pink and polka dots.

Dance Pants: Dance pants come in different styles, lengths and colors. You should choose a fabric that is thick enough to keep you or your dancer warm. Dance pants can be worn over dance tights or instead of dance tights. Check your studio’s dress code before purchasing dance pants.

Warm Dance Street Wear

Sheer Tops: Sheer tops can be worn over top of leotards to keep a dancer’s arms and shoulders warm. These tops are a great alternative to cotton t-shirts because they are form fitting to allow the dancer’s body lines to be seen better. Sheer tops come in short sleeve, long sleeve and cap sleeve options.

Shrugs: If you find a dance sweater is too much, try a shrug. Shrugs cover just the arms and shoulders. You can choose from cotton, nylon and spandex material. They are available in short sleeve and long sleeve depending on the time of year.

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