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Caring for your Dance Apparel

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Most dancers come to class week after week and month after month.  This means their dance apparel and shoes can take a beating.  To keep your clothes and shoes new and fresh, The Dance Shoppe is here to provide you with some great cleaning advice and tips.


  • Never wear dance shoes outside! (This includes dance sneakers)
  • Wear all shoes with tights or socks.  This helps to prevent odor.  If you choose not to wear tights or socks, putting foot or baby powder in your shoes will help.
  • Most leather shoes can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, use water only.
  • Canvas ballet and hip hop sneakers can be cleaned in the washing machine.   Wash on the gentle cycle and let air dry.  Throw a few towels in so you are not washing the shoes by themselves.


  • Most leotards can be washed with your general laundry using Tide our any other brand detergents.
  • Wash with like colors in cold water.
  • To prevent shrinking, hang leotards to dry.


  • Always put tights on carefully. This helps prevent holes and runs.
  • Tights can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.  Washing by hand will keep your tights looking and feeling nicer longer.
  • Tights can be machine dried or hang dried.  Again, hanging dry will make your tights last longer.


Don’t see all of your cleaning & care questions answered here?

Please call us with any other questions.  From your first pair of ballet shoes to your millionth pair of tights, our staff is always here to help with all your dance needs.

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